Camp Rocky group photo

Your West Greeley Conservation District continues to provide scholarships to youth 14-19 years old, whose families pay the District mil levy property tax.  Camp Rocky is located outside Divide, Colorado. Over 15 professional staffers and guest speakers stayed, came and went to help the kids learn about nurturing the environment through hands-on projects and experiences. Many of these adults have been supporting this camp for over 20-some years.

This week-long educational, outdoor residential camp is perfect for youth considering careers in natural resources, forestry, wildlife, geology, and other science studies; as well as conservation.

Six Junior Counselors (who all are past campers) helped organize and coordinate six-full days plus evening activities for over two dozen participants.

The kids split into three different disciplines: soil and water conservation, range management, fish and wildlife (due to the volume of fires this year, forest management was omitted as those leaders were needed elsewhere). Each team did research, explored the needs at the camp, then develops a group learning plan that they managed and implemented by the end of the week.

It is a great exercise to bring leadership skills to the surface. As a staffer I observed a great deal of creativity, motivation, determination, shouldering responsibility, team work, attention to safety, and a drive to accomplish something they set out to do…not knowing if it was possible.

The kids genuinely cared about each other and the work they were accomplishing for the Camp. Laying a walking trail down a mountain, installing bird houses in the ground that required chiseling through slate before reaching soil – were both physically taxing and took more time than was planned, but they didn’t quit, they hung in there! The adults were impressed by their work ethic and thoughtful problem solving with sometimes limited resources. Camp Rocky is just another great example of how West Greeley is supporting youth building bright futures for themselves!