Windbreak Package items- 3 row windbreak- each row 300' long and 15' between rows (row spacing) multiple packages can be used to create larger windbreaks
Qty Item Notes
960 Ft  1 inch poly drip pipe drip parts
1 T Connection drip parts
1 4-way/cross connection drip parts
4 L or 90 degree connection drip parts
1 Pressure regular, reducer and connections to connect garden hose as water supply Will be tightened and sealed and ready for install
28 hose clamps for securing connections screw type clamps
160 2 gallon per hour Rain bird emitters drip parts
160 Ft  Spaghetti hose Connect to emitter and delivers water to plant
3 110' X 6' Roll's of Fabric Mulch Used to conserve soil moisture
2 Lots of 2 3/8" X 5" Large tubes - Native Plum Shrubs
2 Trays of 50 Cell grown - Rocky Mountain Juniper Trees
1 Rain Bird emitter tool Used to insert and remove emitters from poly pipe
1 Pipe cutter tool Used to cut 1 inch poly pipe and spaghetti hose
1 Dibble Planting Bar used to dig holes for the trees  
1 Windbreak plan Guidance
1 Planting guide Guidance
1 Drip system guide Guidance
You will also get 1 box of Fabric staples ( 1 box of 1,000 staples) This will help you secure any imperfections (bubbles, loose spots) in the fabric to keep it held into place.