• Native to the Great Basin this is an outstanding evergreen shrub-small tree 6ft. to 15ft., usually less and it can be held at any height with pruning. It has thin grey-green leaves with beautiful bark. It has the ability to fix nitrogen and generally considered of great value in re-vegetation. It survives with very little water but can also do well in a typical garden water schedule. It is extremely cold hardy, a rarity for a broadleaf evergreen. It can be used as a stand-alone specimen, in a grouping or even as a hedge!
  • Now sold by the tube! / Min 6 inch height / $4.75 per tube  / Individual tube size 2 3/8” x 5”

    Please, don’t delay ordering – first come first serve!

    By placing an order, you understand that there is no guarantee on survivability on any plants sold. There are no refunds or exchanges – if it is determined that you got a damaged plant you will be provided with a replacement, species dependent on stock availability. Orders will be fulfilled with stock that is conservation grade for the conservation natured purpose of this low-cost seedling program. ONCE ORDERS ARE PICKED UP PLEASE MAKE ANY CLAIMS OF DAMAGED OR UNHEALTHY PLANTS WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER PICKUP, PHOTOS ARE ENCOURAGED.

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