West Greeley Conservation District Cost Share Opportunities

(These Cost Shares are for District Tax Payers only.)

  • Windbreak/Living Snow Fence – This cost share is designed to help tax payers establish windbreaks on their properties for conservation purposes.
  • Cement Ditch Repair- Designed to repair cement ditches that are leaking water and not able to properly function. A lot of times cracked and broken down ditches leak a lot of irrigation water from the ditch. This cost share helps to conserve irrigation water.
  • CRP Recovery- This is designed for land that has recently expired from the CRP program. This cost share encourages landowners to keep their land in grass and utilize it for grazing. This cost share supports land improvements that allow the landowner to graze this property.
  • Livestock Well- This cost share supports the drilling and installation of a livestock well that is used to water livestock that are grazing a 140-acre piece of land.
  • Riparian Area Grazing- This cost share is intended to fence livestock out of riparian areas to help support improved water quality and reduce soil erosion. (A riparian area is an area along a river, stream or other moving body of water.)
  • Small Acreage Irrigation- The goal of the small acreage irrigation cost share is to provide irrigation improvements to smaller landowners, maximum of 20 acres.
  • Livestock Well Efficiency Upgrade- This cost share helps ranchers upgrade their existing livestock well system to a system that functions in a more efficient way.
  • Urban Chemical Weed Management- This cost share helps our urban constituents control weeds around their homes to reduce future weed issues in our community.

Other Cost Shares

(Available to all small acreage landowners)

  • Reseeding Program – WGCD offers seed drilling to small acreage landowners, 15 acres or less. This cost share is provided to landowners at an inexpensive price to get grass established on their property. We use a 5 ½ ft. wide no-till drill and a smaller tractor. This program is intended to plant native pasture grasses to reduce soil erosion.

For more information, to get an application or to sign up for the reseeding program please contact:

Liz Schneider

Conservation Technician

West Greeley Conservation District


970-356-8097 EXT. 142