Faye Braaten of Loveland is a master carver and artist with 18 years of experience creating beauty with a series of 5-7 chainsaws. The West Greeley Conservation District engaged Faye, better known as the Chainsaw Mama, to come to Houston Gardens and turn a dead Black Walnut tree into a work of art!

The staff and Board determined the elements they wanted featured in the carving and discussed their vision with Faye. Money earmarked for “Garden Enhancements” by the Houston Family Endowment held at the Community Foundation was used.


Faye started the project on Monday, July 17th and wrapped it up Friday evening the 21st. We can’t wait for the community to come to the Community Appreciation BASH on Friday, August 11th to see this beautiful art Faye designed that hosts flora and critters that have been seen at Houston Gardens. The 1st photo is day 1 the 2nd photo was Friday day 5 and below are some of the art elements up close.