The Natural Resources Conservation Service is accepting applications for the Conservation Stewardship Program. Applications are due close of business on Feb. 3, 2017.


NRCS updated the program for 2017 to help producers better evaluate their operations’ sustainable use of natural resources. The program also offers an increased number of conservation activities. The additions open opportunities to improve soil health, water quality, plant health, air quality, livestock production, and fish and wildlife habitat.


For details, visit CSP’s portal,; or, go to a field office, located through


CSP is for agricultural producers and private-land forest managers who are already established conservation stewards.  The program can producers realize increased conservation.  Improvements to the program include new software for evaluating applications. The software:


  • Is more transparent;
  • Allows producers to see clearly whether their management meets the program’s stewardship threshold;
  • Offers more conservation activities to help increase resource stewardship and meet conservation objectives; and
  • Provides flexibility and transparency.


Through CSP, agricultural producers and forest landowners earn payments for actively managing, maintaining, and expanding conservation using cover crops, ecologically based pest management, buffer strips, and pollinator and beneficial insect habitat. The goal is to do it while maintaining active production.  CSP also encourages cutting-edge technologies and new management techniques, including precision agriculture applications; on-site carbon storage and planting for high carbon sequestration rate; and new soil amendments to improve water quality.


For details, contact the Greeley NRCS Field Office at 970-356-8097 ext. 130.


Reminder: All applications must be received before Feb. 3, 2017, to be considered for fiscal year 2017 funding.