The West Greeley Conservation District offers a program to seed or re-seeding native grasses in pastures, on small acreages and in other areas. The aim is to aid water retention, prevent soil erosion and provide wildlife habitat.

Fall and Spring months are the ideal time to plant grasses in this area.

Landowners are responsible for obtaining and paying for seed. WGCD staff assists landowners in selecting an appropriate seed mix based on soil analysis and/or recommendations from NRCS. Native grass species such as blue grama, buffalo grass, sideoats grama, and western wheatgrass are highly recommended.

WGCD staff uses a 5-1/2-foot Truax No-Till Grass Drill, which works best for on sites of 15 acres or less. Requests for more than 15 acres are considered on a case-by-case basis. Locations within the District receive priority.

Click here to download a seeding contract:Contract is here

Contact Liz Schneider, Conservation Technician, 970-356-8097, ext. 142 for details, pricing, or to obtain a contract or to schedule an appointment.