Cliffrose (PURSHIA MEXICANA) – 1 gallon pot


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Sold individually / Min. 10 inch height / $15.00 per plant / Individual pot size 7” x 6”

Please, don’t delay ordering – first come first serve!

By placing an order, you understand that there is no guarantee on survivability on any plants sold. There are no refunds or exchanges – if it is determined that you got a damaged plant you will be provided with a replacement, species dependent on stock availability. Orders will be fulfilled with stock that is conservation grade for the conservation natured purpose of this low-cost seedling program.

Once orders are picked up please make any claims of damaged or unhealthy plants within 24 hours after pickup, photos are encouraged.

Out of stock


Hardy, rugged evergreen shrub to 6’ with gnarled  twisted branches. Small green leaves with yellow fragrant flowers all summer. This is a notable plant of Grand Canyon National Park, often growing on the edge of the rim. A member of the Rose family it’s flowers are beautiful, but it’s incredible bark makes it a sought after low water native for a variety of situations, and it’s evergreen!

Very tolerant plant, blossoms make wonderful honey for bee keepers

Easy to care for plant

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