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This is a circular planting guide covers about 3,848 sq ft (35 ft radius on planting circle- area of a circle A=π *r^2  )

Worried you don’t have enough space? No problem! The plan has spacing guides on each “ring” of the planting circle to help make this planting more flexible for your personal space!

11 different plant species are used in this plan

Plants of similar shapes, sizes and water usage can be used as alternatives to the listed plants.

Are you wondering what plants are included in this guide? This guide is a lovely combination of native grasses, shrubs and perennial flowers

New Mexico Privet, Mexican Cliff Rose, Mugo Pine, Apache Plume, English Lavender, Shasta Daisy, Sideoats Grama, Red/Pink Yarrow, Wild Blue Aster, Blue Grama, and Kinnickinick.

Great for enhancing property and creating something beautiful to enjoy as well as watch birds and butterflies stop by!