Super Gel Root Dip

Super Gel is one of our secret weapons. We use it to keep roots moist when we ship your trees. It stores moisture in the root zone and releases it as the roots need it. Every time it rains, it revitalizes to provide a long term moisture source over the vital growing period. Dip your roots and plant as usual for that extra insurance. One 2 oz. package will treat about 1,500 seedlings or 750 transplants. Consider our SUPERspore product in place of Super Gel to give your seedlings lifelong beneficial fungi and even more of a boost.


1 oz. packet instructions: Mix contents of package (1 oz.) with 1 to 1.5 gallons of water and let stand for at least 5 minutes. Dip the roots into the solution, allow the product to drain very briefly and plant your seeding. 1 oz. will treat approximately 750 seedlings.

Note: When mixing the Super Gel in water, make sure the product is poured slowly and that the water is moving. The longer the gel is allowed to stand the tackier it will become. It is not advisable to put the slurry into the hole or down a drain.

Super Gel is a cross linked modified acrylic polymer and is chemically neutral.