Voles took a bite out of the annual Seedling Tree Sale.


The small, pudgy rodents infested the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery, cutting the number and types of trees available for the yearly sale.


According to the nursery’s website, it provides more than 50 native species at low cost to landowners for reforestation, soil stabilization, shelterbelts and habitat enhancement.


Voles girdle, or cut through, bark around seedlings. They damaged the majority of the most popular species such as; Rocky Mountain Juniper, Easter Red Cedar, Austrian Pine and more.


Check the current stock online at: http://csfs.colostate.edu/seedling-tree-nursery/seedling-nursery-inventory/ before ordering, or call the nursery –  (970) 491-8429 – for current inventory.


The sale opened in November. Orders are due by March 29, 2017. Pick up trees April 13-14 at the West Greeley Conservation District Shop, 24631 Highway 392, 5 miles east of Lucerne.


For help with windbreak planning, or details about tree planting, care or species call Liz at West Greeley Conservation District, 970-356-8097 ext. 3 liz.schneider@wgcd.org , or the Colorado State Forest Service, 970-491-8660.