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Inviting Farmers and Ranchers of all scales and production systems


Featured speakers include Rudy Garcia, West Regional Soil Health Specialist NRCS, and Meaghan Schipanski, Assist. Prof in the Dept of Soil and Crop Sciences, CSU and an extensive farmer panel with producers who have put soil health practices to work on their operations.


Content includes soil health demonstrations, presentations from scientists and farmers, and networking with participants and exhibitors.
Rudy Garcia: In addition to training NRCS employees on soil health plans and implementation, Rudy’s main focus in the past 5 years has been hosting more than 60 soil health workshops for farmers and ranchers throughout New Mexico.


Meaghan Schipanski: She heads the Agroecology Research Group at Colorado State University, focusing on understanding how plant-soil interactions mediate carbon and nitrogen cycling and placing this research within broader social and economic contexts.




Bruce Unruh: understands, the soil is alive. And he’ll tell you that like all living things, the soil functions better when it’s healthly. “It’s kind of like when we are sick, we don’t work as well. The soil is the same way. If something is off, it just doesn’t work,” he said.


David Harold: Healthy soil may produce quality food that consumers find desirable, but that’s not what drives David Harold’s passion for improving soil health. “I do it because I like to do it, and I don’t really care if everyone knows why,” said the 35-year-old farmer from Olathe, Colroado.


Steve Tucker: studied and experimented along with his grandfather to find methods that worked on the farm. It did not take long to see that no-till farming practices were going to help increase efficiency, soil quality, reduce erosion and increase the bottom line on dryland as well as under irrigation.


Soil Health is at the heart of agriculture no matter what you grow or raise.


March 9, 2017
7:30 AM Breakfast & Registration
4:00 PM Social Hour
Plaza Conference Center Longmont, CO


For more information call: (303) 678-6383