• Windbreak/Living Snow Fence – Establishes windbreaks for conservation purposes.
  • Cement Ditch Repair- Repairs leaking cement ditches and helps conserve irrigation water.
  • Conservation Reserve Program Recovery – For recently expired CRP land. Supports land improvements and encourages landowners to keep land in grass for grazing.
  • Livestock Well – Supports the drilling and installation of a livestock wells for livestock grazing 140-acre parcels.
  • Riparian Area Grazing – Fences livestock out of riparian areas to support improved water quality and reduce soil erosion. Riparian areas are along rivers, streams or other moving bodies of water.
  • Small Acreage Irrigation – Provides irrigation improvements to smaller landowners, maximum of 20 acres.


Other Cost Shares

(Available to all small acreage landowners)

  • Reseeding Program – Provides seed drilling on 15 acres or less, to establish native pasture grasses and reduce soil erosion.


For details, to get an application or to sign up for the contact:

Liz Schneider, Conservation Technician, West Greeley Conservation District, liz.schneider@wgcd.org, 970-356-8097 EXT. 142

*Available only to WGCD taxpayers only. Share percentages vary according to project.