The Colorado Association of Conservation Districts Board named West Greeley Conservation District the 2015 Conservation District of the Year.


CACD’s annual meeting was in Loveland, Nov. 14-16, 2016. It recognized the District for its involvement with the association, and for providing funds and technical assistance.


Adhering to a responsible ethic, Colorado’s 76 Conservation Districts provide natural resource conservation leadership to ensure health, safety, and the general welfare of the state’s citizen.


The districts are in in every county, grouped into 10 watersheds. They provide support and assistance to landowners and operators, develop development conservation plans, and provide natural resource information. They operate on local, state and national levels. The Colorado association is a nonprofit.


Individual conservation boards are comprised of locally elected landowners.  The West Greeley Conservation District consists of five board members:  John Leone, president;  Randy Miller, vice president; Lenny Simpson, secretary/treasurer; and Anthony Becker and Allen Beloin.