Winograd Third Grade

Eighty- two Winograd Elementry students visited Houston Gardens for a culminating plant unit field trip on May 19th. After rescheduling the field trip twice due to inclement weather, the students were finally able to enjoy a gorgeous day at Houston Gardens. The students observed differences between monocots and dicots with the corn and the peas that were planted three weeks earlier in 4” containers by Houston volunteers. Hopefully these plants are prospering for the students in their home gardens.

The importance of water development, water usage by humans and plant physiology were topics discussed with the students. Young artists had the opportunity to develop their skills when diagrams of various plants and their structures were required to be completed as part of field trip. A trip to the honeybee hives was shared with the students as well. Hive culture, bee types and their roles in the hive community and the importance of honeybees in food production were discussed.