Have you placed your tree order?

No? Yikes, don’t wait any longer! Times are getting tough around here!

Hurry and place your order! I have a few things that might complete your windbreak

You should place your order TODAY! There are a lot of SOLD OUT items on CSFS Nursery’s website, but I was lucky enough to reserve some of the most popular species before they were sold out… Click here to see the inventory list on CSFS Nursery’s website-> http://csfs.colostate.edu/seedling-tree-nursery/seedling-nursery-inventory/

Click here for our 2018 tree order form: wgcd Seedlings

Please! Email or call me with questions 970-356-8097 x 142 .. if you check out the CSFS nursery’s website and you really want something that is sold out.. CONTACT ME! I might have some in stock!

In order to snag any of the extra items I have reserved you MUST place your order and it MUST be in my hand by FEB. 28TH        

I have a pretty good variety of Bare roots species available still, I only have Rocky Mountain Junipers left in the Large Tube size (other species in the Large tubes are sold out of my extra stash) and I also have some of the XL Potted trees available… BUT they wont last long. Hurry and place your order before everything is gone! 😊

The only cottonwoods I have left are in the bare roots.

The only Austrain Pines I have left are in the XL Pots

I do have some Eastern Red Cedars and Rocky Mountain Junipers in the Bare roots