Ben Brown

            Ben Brown, DVM, is a valued and well-known large animal Veterinarian. Brown is respected in the northeastern part of Weld County and beyond where he serves his community caring for animals.  His presence and talents are appreciated by his neighbors.

Ben and his wife, Debbie, both grew-up with livestock. They live in what once was the Cornish Post Office and converted the structure into their lovely home. It is located on property with historic significance. The Browns said, “Working with livestock together is a dream come true.” Their goal is to have more grass than cows and avoid over grazing the land, so they consider themselves grass farmers too.

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Ben and Debbie Brown receive their award (fabricated by Greeley West High School FFA Mechanics team) from Liz Schneider, WGCD Small Acreage and Conservation Technician. John Leone, President of the WGCD Board of Supervisors at the podium

The Brown’s raise Balancer and Sim-Angus beef cattle on their home place and have worked the past couple years with National Resource Conservation Services (NRCS). They own and lease a combined 1,800 acres with solar livestock wells, windmills and cross fencing for rotational grazing. Their efforts are being recognized as they earned  WGCD’s 2019 Rancher Conservationist of the Year award.

            Ben and Debbie have a blended family of children and eight delightful grandchildren they cherish spending   time with, when their busy schedules allow.  

Don Brazelton

Local citizens who have bought and sold properties in Weld County will recognize the name Don Brazelton. He is a realtor who works diligently to satisfy his clients. Don appreciates people who take pride in the property they own. He is a testimony of that behavior and it earned him the West Greeley Conservation District’s 2019 Small Acreage Conservationist of the Year award for the best practices he uses on his small acreage east of Greeley.

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Don Brazelton (in hat) receives the 2019 Award. From left; Tony Becker, Don Brazelton, Randy Miller and Lenny Simpson- President John Leone at podium

Don and his wife, Carolyn, have upgraded their ground and made the best of the water rights he owns by installing a Kifco irrigation system. There are multiple ports installed around his property. These ports  attach to the Kifco sprinkler head/reel for efficient irrigation of his property keeping his small acreage pasture well maintained for livestock grazing. Another aspect of his place is on the western side of Don’s property. There is an area where wildlife can find all their most important life essentials, including:  food, water, cover, and protection. Don enjoys seeing deer, hawks and birds of all kinds regularly on the property he owns and manages with great care creating a wildlife habitat. These are the conservation qualities most admired when a bit of extra work can truly make an environmental difference.

Don and Carolyn enjoy gathering with their family often. They have two adult sons, Kendal and Kevin who have blessed them with 3 grandchildren.