The West Greeley Conservation District offers a program for seeding grass species in pastures, small acreages and other locations to aid in water retention, prevent soil erosion and provide wildlife habitat. At this time we are already booked for Fall 2018 and booking out into Spring 2019. If you are interested in having us plant your property that is less than 15 acres, please give us a call or email to get on the waiting list.

Please contact the district office at (970) 534-2319 or for more information.

The landowner provides the seed, and we charge $80 per hour for in-District folks and $160 per hour for out-of-District landowners.


  1. These are prices in effect at this time and may be subject to change based on fuel costs.
  2. Requests for services will be evaluated upon conservation concern and ranked upon importance
  3. Any requests for seeding more than 15 acres will be accepted and priced on a case to case basis; “Out of District” requests will be accepted as time permits and based on a conservation evaluation.
  4. Reseeding contract must be signed and returned to WGCD prior to WGCD seeding the property.
  5. WGCD reseeding project DOES NOT plant commodity crops nor forages such as alfalfa.
  6. The landowner is responsible for prepping the seedbed and care of the reseeded area. WGCD will provide seedbed prep recommendations.