What is a Riparian Trailer / Stream Hydrology Trailer?

Riparian Education Demonstration Trailer

It is a hands-on educational tool to examine the natural movement of streams and rivers.  It is a self-contained watershed demonstration that shows the value of various conservation measures that naturally exist and can be applied to protect the land.  Users/students can be quizzed on how the water cycle works, the value of grass, shrubs, and tree cover to protect the stream bank and provide wildlife habitat and to show the impact of the erosion process on people and property at the location of a disturbance as well as further downstream.

A watershed is an area of land from which all the water drains to the same location such

as a stream, pond, lake, river, wetland, estuary, or eventually to an ocean. A watershed can be large, like the Colorado River watershed, or small, such as all the water that drains to a small farm pond. Large watersheds are often called basins, and contain many small watersheds.

Rivers and streams are paths where surface water collects and moves from high to low elevation.

Our riparian trailer can easily be transported to your school or other locations usually from April-October (avoiding freezing conditions) to enhance your water conservation curriculum.

Contact Kristi Helzer, Community Education & Outreach Coordinator at (970) 534-2320 or Kristi.helzer@wgcd.org to borrow the Riparian Trailer, to schedule a presentation or to ask questions! We are here to help!

In recent months we towed the Riparian Trailer to youth Water Festivals, Kersey Summer Splash Day, the Windsor Museum’s Super Science Saturday, and used it as a teaching resource at Houston Gardens for the Water Unit with kids and as part of the Confluence Institute teaching Teachers.