Acreage Reporting


As producers get their spring crops planted, they need to call their local FSA office for an appointment to report their acreage.  Even though the deadline to report acreage is July 15th, it is quite helpful when reports are filed upon completion of planting.


Onion producers have until June 15th to file acreage reports.


PREVENTED PLANTING OF SPRING CROPS – is the inability to plant the intended crop acreage with proper equipment by the final planting date for the crop because of a natural disaster.  The inability to plant a crop includes precipitation that would normally be received during the growing season and not planted because of a management decision.


Please contact the Weld County FSA office at (970) 356-8097 x: 2 for an appointment.





ARC/PLC Signup (Ag Risk Coverage and Price Loss Contracts Need to be Enrolled)


Producers are encouraged to call the Weld County Farm Service Agency and set up an appointment to enroll their farms for 2017.  DO NOT wait until acreage reporting time.  DO IT NOW!


The deadline to enroll is August 1, 2017.


Please contact the Weld County FSA office at (970) 356-8097 x: 2 for an appointment.




Report Changes of Farm Records


Remember to report changes to FSA as you buy, sell and lease property.  Timely reporting results in accurate records and proper notification of programs offered by FSA.  Not only does FSA need to accurately record ownership, but also the renters and tenants on farms.  This allows the proper producers to inquire and participate in programs offered by USDA agencies.


Anyone wishing to participate must annually certify to the Average Adjusted Gross Income provisions on Form CCC-941.  In order to earn a payment, a producer must comply with the Conservation Compliance provisions, also known as sodbuster and swampbuster.  A new certification must be completed on Form AD-1026 when farm changes occur.  Changes in a farm operation must also be recorded on the Farm Operating Plan for Payment Eligibility, filed on Form CCC-902





Conservation Reserve Program – Mid-Contract Management Activities – Haying or Grazing


Weld County CRP participants who plan to utilize their CRP acreage this summer, by allowing livestock to graze, need to request to use the acreage now.  Grazing cannot begin until July 16th, but the request can be completed now so a grazing plan can be established.


The fee for grazing CRP is 25% of the annual rental rate per acre for the acres utilized by livestock.  Fees are waived when a persisting drought occurs, and is documented by USDA and the Farm Service Agency.


Anyone wishing to bale hay from their CRP acreage must also request such prior to the harvest season.  Cutting and baling cannot occur until July 16th.   No more than 50% of the acreage can be hayed in any one year.


Both grazing and haying operations must be performed according to conservation plan prepared by the Natural Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS).  Prior written notification must be granted before livestock are released or cutting is performed on CRP acreage.  This will count towards meeting the Mid-Contract Management requirements for CRP contracts.

Any unauthorized uses may result in contract termination which requires refunds plus interest and penalties.